The company FERRO OK was established in 1992.

New workers, who were engaged in the production of steel structures came to the company from the former state-owned company DEMAK, while workers with a good tradition and years of experience in manufacturing cranes came from the former Agricultural cooperative Jílové near Prague.

The production of steel structures remained at Radlík and cranes were manufactured until 1999 in Prague - Chuchle. From the middle of 1999, the construction of cranes was also moved into the new production capacities at Radlík, so currently all production equipped with modern manufacturing equipment and cutting edge technology is concentrated there.

FERRO OK has occupied a leading position among crane producers in the Czech Republic since its creation in the year 1992. In addition to the Czech Republic, FERRO OK has supplied cranes to the Russian Federation (Saratov, Kamyshin, Briansk, and Rostov-on-Don), to the Slovak Republic (the Tatramat plant in Poprad), Germany and Egypt.

In the field of steel structures, our company specializes primarily in hall structures and crane runways. However in recent years, in addition to these kinds of structures, important deliveries of steel structures have been implemented mainly in Germany: These include the roofing of the Fachhochschule premises in Bonn, the stair towers for SIEMENS and the steel structure for concrete delivery trucks for DYWIDAG.

For designers of construction and technological objects - but especially for designers of steel structures - FERRO OK offers close cooperation in addressing the continuity of gantries for the construction of buildings, consisting of establishing the basic dimensions of the crane, load data, prices and other relevant information.